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Fundraising Pitch Deck

A fundraising pitch deck features to the investor your energizing vision and mission, plan of action, item’s USP, huge foothold accomplished, adaptation technique. It additionally discusses post-subsidizing objectives and projections. A powerful pitch makes it clear to investors why they ought not to let pass this chance.

How To Get Fundraising Pitch Deck

Your business is ready and set for a period of dramatic development. All it requires is an effective formula for fund-raising! We make realistic and believable fundraising pitches to assist you with accomplishing your objectives.

Pitch Deck

We create a well designed Pitch Deck to showcase your products/services

Financial Projections

We provide comprehensive financial projections.

Right Approach

We help you connect to the potential investors.

Fundraising - An overview

Pitch decks are one of the most important documents for fundraising. It is important to have a clear and concise structure to it so that it is comprehensive for the investors.

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Fundraising stages of a startup

Fundraising happens in multiple stages:

Seed round or (commonly called seed funding): As the name suggests, the company gets “seeded” with the initial funds to conceptualize the business idea and to bring it to the market. At this stage, the business may not even have working prototypes set and could still be working towards developing the product.

Stage A: Once the company develops the product or service and begins to gain momentum, it starts looking out to venture capitalists for the next round of funding, to aid in its early stage of growth.

Stage B: By this time, the business would have established a working business model and gained some credibility in the industry. Now, with the potential to grow further, additional capital would be required to expand operations and reach more customers.

Stage C: This round of funding happens when the company has proved its mettle in the industry and is on the lookout for expansion of the customer base in new markets, targeting acquisitions, and looking at innovation on other types of products. This may also be the last stage in a company’s growth cycle after which it might go for an Initial Public Offer (IPO).

How Startup Counter helps?

We provide you with various online business fundraising ideas which can help you to develop your business in an efficient way. We also help you to connect with venture capitalists and angel investors for raising funds.

After taking into account the stage and sector of your business funding, we connect you to investors who are the right fit for your company and also follow up with them moving forward.

We assist you with:


You will be guided by mentors who have helped numerous entrepreneurs to achieve stellar results with funding rounds. They work with you in enhancing your pitching skills and you will get:

Specially crafted content on how to approach fundraising
Assistance from financial experts and Chartered Accountants in arriving at projections, valuing your company, understanding your financials, financial planning, etc
Guidance from legal experts – we’ll help you understand investment terminology, term sheet negotiation, your rights and obligations, and so on
Dedicated compliance team – we also ensure that your compliances are in place by conducting free basic diligence


Investment Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck is essentially a brief presentation that provides investors information about your business model, products/services, monetization strategy, and your company’s market position. Most Venture Capitalists, private equity firms, banks and other financial institutions demand a business plan before further process. It needs to be visually attractive with minimal text and at the same time self-explanatory, effectively communicating your business’ potential.

What does the deck need to have in it? Your checklist should include the following topics: 

  • Customer Problem: description of customer pain and how the company solves it – concept & key elements
  • Product Overview: what the company does, for whom and why it’s compelling
  • Key Players: founders,  key team members, and key advisors, with industry backgrounds and expertise
  • Market Opportunity: market size, growth characteristics, segmentation
  • Competitive Landscape: competitors and competitive feature sets, plus your sustainable competitive advantages
  • Go-To-Market Strategy: how the company will sell its product, in detail, including roughly how much it will cost to build that sales engine
  • Stage of Development: product development, customer acquisition, partner relationships
  • Critical Risks & Challenges: what can go wrong and how the company plans to manage it
  • Financial Projections: how much time and money it will take to get to cash flow break-even and five year projections (it is really helpful if entrepreneurs show Yr5 mid-case, worst case and best case with key assumptions)
  • Exit Options: categories of likely buyers, rationales, list of specific likely buyers and comparables with valuation multiples
  • Funding Requirements: how much, what the company will use it for, what milestones it expects to hit


Once you’re investment ready, we facilitate connections to our network of Investor Partners, who may choose to invest in your business. We match you with the right investors for your sector and space and provide assured responses on a timely basis. To better facilitate deal closure for our clients, we’ve partnered with the most active and prominent Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists like kStart, The Chennai Angels, Advant Edge, Astarc Ventures, etc. in the Indian start-up ecosystem.


Once an investor has expressed interest in investing in your company and a term sheet is signed, closure of the investment process could take anywhere between 3-6 months on average. Note that this is only indicative and actual timelines could vary.


While each fund takes into consideration multiple factors before finally making an investment decision, in our experience, some key factors are – good traction indicators, size and nature of market (many investors feel 4 wheeler ride sharing market is too competitive at the moment for example), and prior experience of entrepreneurs.


Yes. We take client confidentiality very seriously, and would be fine executing a non-disclosure agreement if the client requires.


At Startup Counter, we help the determining and aspiring entrepreneurs like you to find the fundraisers to develop your business reach the next stage.


Key information that investors are looking for needs to be conveyed to them in a succinct manner, without glossing over any important data. Examples of good decks can be found for free online, to get a better understanding of what needs to be included, format to follow, etc. – Uber, Airbnb etc.


Recent Updates

Wikipedia Seeks Contributions from Indian Readers

03rd August: Wikipedia has made a fundraising pitch, seeking Rs 150 from its Indian Readers. From 2nd August 2020 onwards, it has posted a message for its Indian readers, urging them to not ‘scroll past’ the notice. In August 2019 also, a similar message appeared on the Wikipedia website, seeking donations from the readers to continue running the online page.

Top Investors Showing Interest on HDFC’s ₹ 14000 Crore Fund Raise Program

05th August: Singapore based GIC, Fidelity, Oppenheimer and several other investors are showing interest on HDFC’s ₹ 14000 Crore Fund Raise Program

IndusInd Bank’s Board Approved ₹ 3288 Crore FundRaising Plan

28th July: To raise ₹ 3288 Crore Fund, IndusInd Bank has decided to allot 6.275 crore equity shares for Rs 524 per share to a set of promoters and investors, subject to mandatory approvals.

HDFC Organises Biggest Merchant Banks Consortium for Rs 14,000 Crore Fund Raise

20th July: HDFC has finalized the list of 19 merchant banks for strengthening its balance sheet. The prestigious merchant banks are Kotak Mahindra Capital, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Citi, Nomura, HSBC Securities, UBS, Goldman Sachs, HDFC Bank, IIFL Capital, Axis Capital, Motilal Oswal, ICICI Securities, JM Financial, BNP Paribas and Credit Suisse.

Bengaluru based Khatabook Raises Rs 454 Cr.

20th May: To strengthen its financial services products portfolio, Bengaluru based ledger app, Khatabook has raised Rs 454 Cr. ($60 million). Led by B Capital, this is a Series B funding round for the company.

14 Indian Ed-tech Startups Raised Funding During Covid-19

11th May: From March till the end of May, 14 Indian ed-tech startups have raised funding for their expansion. These start-ups are Classplus, Pedagogy, Expertrons, Qinl, Vedantu, GUVI, Pariksha, Lido, Camp K-12, Auxilo, Univariety, CollegeKhabri, Callido, Odaclass.

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