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Authorised Share Capital means the maximim amount upto which a Company can raise funds in the form of equity or prefernce shares.When Company wants to raise more funds than its existing authorised share capital, in this case need arise for increase in authorised share capital of the Company. The authorised capital of a company is the limit to which a company can raise its capital. We, the Team at will be glad to help you for the same at reasonable charges.

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The promoters can change name of the company at any time after its incorporation. Some of the major reasons for change of company name are change in business, change of promoters, branding etc. or due to conversion of public into private and private into public. Change in name of the Company requires many approvals like approval of Shareholders, creditors, Registrar of Companies. Company has also its legal identity and is known by its name. In case its management want to change its name, we at "" provide you this services at very reasonable charges and within stipulated time line.



Procedure to Change in The Name of The Companyy

Step - 1 : A Board Meeting was held.

The board of directors chooses the new company name, passes a Resolution For Name Change, and authorises the submission of an RUN Application for name reservation.


Step - 2 : Application for file run.

Once the board of directors has decided on a new name, the ROC receives a request for Reservation of New Name using the RUN (Reserve Unique Name) service. A copy of the Board Resolution and a NOC from the Trademark Owner (if applicable) are also filed with the RUN application. The government charges Rs. 1000/- for filing an RUN application. If the new name is distinctive and not already in use, the ROC approves it.


Step - 3 : EGM is on hold.

Following approval of the name by the office of the registrar of companies, the next logical step is to seek permission from the company's shareholders. To call an EGM, the board of directors must send notice to every company shareholder at least 21 days before the meeting. The draught of the proposed resolution to be passed as a special resolution must be included in the EGM notification.


Step - 4 : MGT-14 has been filed (Registration of Special Resolution)

A special resolution is one in which more than 75% of the voting rights are used to make a decision. Within 30 days of the EGM's approval, the special resolution is filed with the ROC in Form -MGT-14 with the stipulated fee for their approval.

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Step - 5 : INC-24 has been filed (Seeking Approval of Central Government)

Form INC-24 is used to file the application to change the company's name, along with an altered copy of the MOA and AOA, a copy of the notice of EGM, and the special resolution. A new Certificate of Incorporation is issued with the company's new name if the ROC is satisfied.

Step - 6 : The ROC issues a new certificate of incorporation.

The ROC issues a new Certificate of Incorporation with the amended name when MGT-14 and INC-24 approve it. In place of the old name change, the company is required to update the new name everywhere. Everywhere has a name


Most frequent questions and answers

 Yes, the certificate states both the old and the new names of the company along with the date of change of the name.

Apart from the registrar, the same should be notified to the banks, clients and other concerned relevant authorities.

No, there is no statutory requirement to change the name of the company.

It will take approx. one month to change the name of company.

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